Edible City Krefeld

In cooperation with the city administration of Krefeld and the Werkhaus, we will grow and flourish 650 large and small edible fields in the urban space in the course of the next years. An ambitious project for which we hope to have many motivated planting and harvesting helpers from the population. Here is the first press report in the RP on the start of the project.

Circular for climate

How do you turn millions of tonnes of discarded textiles and PET bottles into virgin climate-friendly raw materials for true circular economy? With the help of scientists from the TU-Braunschweig and the company RITTEC 8.0, we are investigating this existential question and want to get a big step closer to the answer in the near future.


Is it more climate-friendly to eat a frozen pizza or a homemade one? How much greenhouse gases do I save if I eat a vegan diet or if I do without a long-haul flight? Comparatively-Climate-Friendly is the book for everyone who wants to make their everyday life climate-friendly.Now you can order the English e-book for free in our online shop.