Digital Climate-School

cooldown°earth school workshops are designed to bring together young kids from different social backgrounds. They experience that a climate friendly lifestyle is not about sacrifice, but about fun and excitement. Our is in development and is supposed to provide topics for conversation beyond the schoolyard.

Climate collection

How do you turn used clothes and accessories into a “second-life” brand with potential? Young designers are exploring this question with us and will develop a cooldown°earth collection. Hopefully available next spring at our CD°E Popup Store.

Climate campaign

Never the same opinion - except on climate change? Our campaign tells stories of people who overcome their ideological differences in order to minimize their CO2 footprint together. Do you know an interesting story? Write to us, maybe it will be featured. The campaign will start next year.

Climate forest

A mixed forest will be reforested in Querfurt Saxony-Anhalt in cooperation with the local forestry. The current area is 38,000m2. The objective is to compensate the CO2 emissions emitted by the foundation.