Atmosfair - CO2 compensation

On its [website]atmosfair , the non-profit organisation atmosfair offers to compensate greenhouse gas emissions from air travel, ocean cruises, long-distance bus trips or events, and in return carries out climate protection projects. atmosfair was the test winner in all international comparisons.

Codecheck - What's in your purchase?

With the Smartphone App you can easily check products before they end up in your shopping cart. The camera scans the barcode and Codecheck answers questions and provides information on ingredients, production, etc. Most recently, there were updates on nanoparticles and vegan.

Download: Android und IOS

Ecosia - The Green Search Engine

Ecosia is the “green” search engine that calls itself Social Business. The company was founded in 2009. In terms of functionality and results, it is comparable to Google. However, Ecosia donates a large part of its advertising revenue to a reforestation project, thus creating more forest on earth.ƒ

Download: Android und IOS

Utopia - Sustainability Platform

Utopia is a highly recommendable German-language online platform on the subject of sustainability. You will find inspiration and ideas, practical tips and independent buying advice. It is an online magazine with an online community. According to Wikipedia, currently ranks among the 600 to 900 most visited websites in Germany.

E.Go - the smarter electric car

Electromobility from Aachen in Germany, which is practical, sustainable and affordable. The new e.GO Life wants to combine driving pleasure, value for money and benefits.

RegioApp - Good stuff around the corner

Where can you find food grown and processed in your surroundings in Germany? Which restaurants in the region cook with regional products? The Regio-App provides the answer: Here you can find farm shops and other direct marketers and find regional gastronomy. Everything with navigation and opening hours. You can also find weekly markets.

Download: Android and IOS

Food sharing - online

Great idea against food waste: Thanks to the Internet, you can now offer surplus food not only to neighbours, friends or colleagues. No matter if bakery, supermarket or private person: If you have food left, you can simply enter it online on a card. These foodbaskets can then be picked up by others for free.

Too good to go - sale of leftovers

The very clever, well-made app helps restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and hotels to throw away less food by offering their surplus goods at a discounted price to self-collectors. With prices up to max. 3,90€ it guarantees a good offer. Better - it helps the environment and climate.

Download: Android and IOS

Too good for the bin - top leftover kitchen

The App presents the best recipes for the creative leftover kitchen. With recipes from Sarah Wiener, Tim Mälzer, Daniel Brühl and many other cooking godfathers. The app is a free offer from the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Germany.

NABU Seal Check - Check products

Which seals make sense? The free german app helps if you’re not sure: Simply photograph the seal on your smartphone and the NABU Seal Check shows whether the product based on the seal makes ecological sense. The app uses a traffic light system and classifies the seal as “red”, “yellow” or “green”.

Download: Android and IOS

Sustainable consumption affects clothing in particular. If you want to be on the safe side when shopping, open the free app Fair Fashion? and start the text query. The hip fashion labels like H&M, Zara or C&A don’t perform well, but even more expensive brands like Adidas or Gucci don’t get good marks yet.

Download Android und IOS

Kleiderkreisel - Online Swap Shop

With Kleiderkreisel you can exchange, sell or give away used clothes in Germany. The app makes it easy to exchange clothes and contact other users without a computer. You can also discover clothes nearby.

Download: Android und IOS

Shpock - Online flea market

The old chair has to go? Just test Shpock and find out what happens. Maybe you can find a replacement or a vintage lamp with the exchange app, or, or, or …

Download Android und IOS

aid season calendar

The free app “Seasonal Calendar” of aid keeps you up to date when which domestic fruit and vegetables are grown and harvested in Germany. Whether fruit or salads, the app tells you what “seasonal” really means. In addition, you get information about which exotic fruits are currently in season. - The app makes regional and seasonal shopping a lot easier.

Download: Android und IOS

vanilla bean - Better nutrition

Raw food, regional, lactose- or gluten-free - and: Is that bio? vanilla bean offers the largest selection of German-language locations for all those who pay attention to their diet but don’t want to renounce anything. Wherever you are in Europe - whether in London or Berlin, New York or Paris: vanilla bean knows where and what tastes good to the green palate. From a gourmet restaurant to a snack bar to a secret raw food tip! With the restaurant traffic light, you can see what is particularly important on the spot.

Download: Android und IOS

Vegman - Your Guide to Veggie

According to the principle, animals are friends, not food, the Vegman Community wants to make life easy for vegetarians and vegans. The Vegman App helps to find vegetarian and vegan as well as VEG-friendly restaurants - wherever you are in the world. The Vegman App is a companion app for

Download: IOS

Öffi - Local traffic planner

The Öffi-App is super useful for everyone who travels sustainably by train. As mobile timetable information, it provides information on public transport in almost all of Europe, including departure times, nearby stops, connection enquiries and network maps. The app is ad-free and there is no tracking! Indispensable, unfortunately not for the iphone

Download: Android

BlaBlaCar - Carsharing

Share your ride! Because a full car is a more climate-friendly car. Whether weekend trip or 1000km trip, with a few clicks you can find a ride nearby. You can choose from thousands of offers - or just spontaneously look for a passenger for your own car and save costs.

Download Android und IOS

Die Kleiderei - Borrow not buy

Not a library, but a clothing store, borrowing clothes instead of buying them - this is the ingenious idea behind the clothing store at Venloerstr. 459 in Cologne/Germany. A new branch has just opened in Freiburg The online dressing room is unfortunately currently offline, but will soon be opened under the name stay-awhile